Check out the improved Sites Help Forum

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We hope that by now you've found the Google Sites Help Forum to be the best place to ask questions and share tips with other Sites users. We've been listening to your feedback about features you'd like to see in the forum, and we're excited to announce that we've upgraded the English Sites Help Forum.

Now you can more easily find the information you need by searching across the Google Sites Help Forum, Help Center, and blog. We have the same categories as the Help Center, so you can transition from one category to the other. We even have some extra things we hope you'll really like. There is a system of levels to reward your contributions to the Forum, and the ability to add a picture next to your name in the profiles. You can also subscribe to the Forum (or to individual discussions) by RSS feed, post a question and receive your answer by email, and even vote on which response best answers the question and mark a best answer to a question you asked.

We hope you'll come take a look, and we hope you'll stay a while, sign into your Google Account, and ask and answer questions.

Posted by Michael Perry, Google Sites Support Lead