The Google Sites blog is moving

Friday, April 03, 2009


Starting today, the Google Sites team will be posting our updates on the Google Apps Blog, at, so please check this new location for news about Google Sites. You can also get content from the Google Apps Blog as email updates or subscribe to the RSS feed.

As we strive to create easier and more integrated experiences for our users to move between different Google applications, we think that in addition to providing application-specific updates, it is also important to communicate the bigger picture of how we are making applications work better together. Google Sites already has features built in from other Google applications, like when you insert Picasa web albums, YouTube videos, gadgets, and Google Docs into web pages, and we believe that improvements in these related services will be useful to Google Sites users. Through the Google Apps blog, we can give you all the news we normally would about Google Sites as well as related tips and updates from other Google applications that would also be helpful to you.

This will be our last post on this blog, but we have plenty of cool things in store for Google Sites, so be sure to get the latest news at the Google Apps blog.

Scott Johnston, Senior Product Manager